Shaft Manufacture and Repair

Shaft Manufacture and Repair at Spray Metal

Shafts are generally rods that are used to link one component with another. They are primarily used in equipment that is used for high pressure and high-stress work. However, like any other component that is subjected to a lot of stress over a long period of time, shafts are also likely to get damaged with the passage of time. Because most shafts used in machines are fabricated to specific dimensions, it can be difficult to find a replacement in the market if something breaks. Naturally, the whole machine will stop working and this could affect production in the industry. That’s where we come in.

Step by Step Process

At Spray Metal Engineering, we can help you with the manufacture and repairs of shafts that are used in machines. We have state-of-the-art machining equipment that can be used for the fabrication of new shafts. We also have industrial tools and experienced engineers working at the firm to repair the damage. If you want our repair services, we will send over a team to see if onsite machining can be done. If not, we will bring the shaft back to the company for repair work. If you want a new shaft manufactured, we will first take the dimensions and then determine the most viable metal for the application.

A One-Stop Solution

At Spray Metal Engineering, we offer a complete, one-stop solution for all of your manufacturing or repair needs. Regardless of the nature of the work to be done, we have the equipment for it. We have designed and fabricated shafts of various sizes for our clients, and we believe we can do a quality job for you. We have also priced our services at the most affordable rates to ensure that a greater number of our consumers can avail our services.
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