Products That We Offer at Spray Metal Engineering

At Spray Metal Engineering, apart from providing maintenance and machining services, we also offer fabrication services for a range of different products. We have the equipment available to help businesses and factories fabricate a variety of different products. Our products are generally used as replacement parts in specialised machines. Here is what we offer.

Shaft Manufacture and Repair

Different types of shafts are used in machines. Because of the specific design and measurements, you aren’t going to find these shafts on the market. We can fabricate replacement shafts for you and also provide repair services in case the shaft isn’t extensively damaged.

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Bearing Housings

Bearing housings can be fabricated in a variety of different sizes. Bearings are commonly used in machines to allow two parts to function together and to provide mobility. Because the housing is under so much pressure, it’s likely to crack after a while. We can fabricate replacement housings for you.

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Gearboxes in machines can break due to the high amount of stress and pressure that they are subjected to. If you want, we can help you in designing and fabricating complex replacement parts that are installed in gearboxes for smooth operations.

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Earthmoving Equipment

We can also help with fabricating and designing a variety of moving parts that are installed in larger earthmoving equipment, to allow for smooth functionality and performance.

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If you are looking to replace the internal components in pumps, our machining services are ideal for the job.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders have a lot of high stress components, and we can help you in fabricating and machining replacement parts.

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Our machining services are also ideal for fabricating large components used in cranes.

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We have a wide variety of products that can be used as replacements in a conveyor belt.

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Everything You Need

If you require any specific component, just give us a call. We have the equipment to fabricate it for you at the best rates.