Metal Spray Coatings

Metal Spray Coatings

Metal spraying is a very common service that is required by businesses of all kinds. Metal spray coatings, when done properly, can greatly increase the life of metal surfaces and also make them much more durable. Conventional sprays are not a wise choice, primarily because of the extreme conditions that most metals are subjected to. However, at Spray Metal Engineering, we offer specialised metal spraying services for a variety of different metals. We can cover stainless steel, copper, carbon, and several other types of metals for you.

Flame Spraying

We also offer flame spraying services for ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals. Our flame spraying services are ideal for a range of different applications, such as controlling oxidation, creating sliding wear resistance and rebuilding and salvaging applications.

Flame spraying can also help in controlling corrosion and minimising atmospheric rust. Before carrying out flame spraying, we will first carefully check the surface of the metal to be covered, so that we are sure it will be resistant to the high temperature.

Thermal Spraying

When it comes to metal spray coatings of different varieties, we also offer thermal spraying for certain alloys and for ceramic surfaces. We will provide a quote based on the area to be covered and the size of the machine that needs to be painted. Certain kinds of metal surfaces might not be suitable for flame or thermal spraying.

Our experienced engineers will first inspect the surface carefully and will then give you recommendations on the best way to cover the surface. With years of experience under our belts for metal spraying, we promise a highly-tailored service to protect all metal surfaces within your factory.

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