How we do

Spray Metal Engineering is founded with the goal to offer better service to the clients residing in the Geelong Area, Western Country and Western Melbourne in Australia. We have a varied experience in the fields of machine reconditioning, tool making, earthmoving equipment repairs, agricultural equipment repairs, pump overhauls, shaft reconditioning, crane winch gearbox servicing, metal spray coatings, manufacture of pulleys that include reconditioning, head and tail recondition and manufacture and a whole lot more.

Backed by our team of experts in the industry, we do what we think we can do to the best of our ability, expertise, and knowledge. Our previous clients can attest to the fact that we are the best company to rely on.

Our Strong Points

In matters concerning metal engineering process, machinery and equipment, and industrial manufacturing, trust that
our team at Spray Metal Engineering brings out only the best. And our strong points as a company that is focused on metal engineering are as follows:

Spraying Metal Engineering Process

We always manage to stick to a spraying metal engineering process to meet the needs of most businesses. Our goal is to do it properly to increase the life of the metal surfaces and make them more durable.

With our specialized metal spraying service for different kinds of metals, we believe that you can trust us more. We also cover carbon, copper, stainless steel, and all other metal types for you.

Machinery and Equipment

It is our understanding that specific machinery and equipment be used to provide service to clients. That’s also for clients who are searching for custom tools to use for their business. It is our dedication and determination in working to maintain the highest standard of service.

Rely on our equipment and machinery that can be relied on during extreme working conditions. And if you realize you need a replacement for some specific components, we can come in rescue. For the most affordably-priced service that comes from using our machinery and equipment, choose only our company.

Manufacturing and Maintenance

Using only the best tools for some specific measurements, we at Spray Metal Engineering can be here for you from the manufacturing to the maintenance. Our experts in the industry use only state-of-the-art software programs that can manufacture tools for your business. Our customers can expect only top-of-the-line manufacturing service from us.

Apart from the manufacturing services we offer, we also offer equipment maintenance for our valued customers. We believe that without proper servicing and maintenance, the machine will not become effective. It’s going to stop working especially as it is used in stressful environments.

Our assurance is timely servicing and maintenance that can save you more energy, time and hassle. This can help avoid unplanned delays throughout the production. We have the manpower and equipment to maintain your machines properly. Rest assured that our maintenance service can improve the life of your machine used in your business’ production.

Call us now to know more about our engineering services that can help your business!

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