Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Earthmoving equipment is generally used in the construction, excavation, and mining industries. As you can well imagine, earthmoving equipment such as excavators, drilling machines, and cranes are generally subjected to lots of tough work. The intricate components installed inside these machines are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. With the passage of time, some components are likely to break apart.

Even though they are made from durable materials, they have a finite useful life. If any internal component breaks, the whole machine is likely to stop working. However, at Spray Metal Engineering, we’ve always got your back.

Repair Services

If any component stops working, we can help you out. We understand that very specific components are used in earthmoving equipment, and highly precise measurements are required when fabricating replacements. At Spray Metal Engineering, we can create replacement parts for you that can fit seamlessly into your heavy earthmoving equipment. We will send over a team to take accurate measurements of the components that need to be replaced.

We will then fabricate a replacement using high quality materials to ensure that the replacements are able to hold their own after they are fitted into the heavy earthmoving equipment.

Regular Maintenance

Because earthmoving equipment is subjected to such tough use, it requires timely maintenance. Proper servicing and maintenance can keep any machine running smoothly and prolong its useful life. It is important that you have machines serviced and maintained at regular intervals, and we have experienced engineers and technicians for servicing and maintaining the machines. We can also set up a maintenance schedule so that you are never behind on machine maintenance. If you don’t want unplanned breakdowns while working, we can offer high quality maintenance services for all types of earthmoving equipment.

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