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Machinery and engineered products

Spray metal engineering mainly target machinery and engineered products. Established in 1977 in Moolap, Spray metal engineering has grown from providing metal fabrication to provision of specialized engineering services.

Spray Metal General Engineering

General engineering services invest in machining, milling and onsite drilling services. Typically the word general engineering covers a wide variety of different types of engineering. The basis of a great general engineering framework is access to high quality equipment. Before working on any industrial engineering, general engineers analyse every detail of the project. Once through, a report about dimensions and measurements is produced. The report works as a benchmark for satisfying the needs of the clients as well as the standards of a project.

Specialised Welding

Wielding is aimed towards creating a joint between two different metals. Defining the term this way would potentially make the term synonymous with brazing and soldering. In a more technical definition, however, wielding is a fabrication process that joins metals or thermoplastics by causing fusion. Brazing and soldering are low-temperature processes whereas wielding is aimed at melting another metal through extremely high energy.

Two types of welding are offered at spray metal engineering.MIG and TIG welding. The main difference lies in the fact that TIG welding requires long welding rods while MIG uses a continuous welding wire.

Other wielding types include oxy welding and arc welding which are applied in onsite factory works.

Metal Spray Coating

Metal spray coating is aimed towards improving the durability of materials. The coating involves spraying a melted material to the surface of a metal. When a material is melted for coating purposes, it is referred to as a coating pre-cursor or the ‘feedstock’.The coating precursor is melted either through electric plasma or chemical means.

Spray metal engineering offers a specialised kind of metal spray coating which is different from conventional spraying. Since different types of metals can only be subjected to different types of conditions; metal spraying is tailored to fit the different metals at metal spray engineering. The company also offers the following two types of metal spray:

  • Flame Spraying – Flame spraying is necessary for ferocious and non -ferocious metals. Flame spraying is a thermal coating process initiated by the oxidation of fuel gas. The oxidised fuel provides heat for melting the coating precursor which eventually is transformed to a substrate. Applications for flame spraying are diverse and range from controlling oxidation, creating sliding wear resistance, salvaging and rebuilding applications.

  • Thermal Spraying – Thermal spraying is aimed towards restoring the surfaces of metal alloys and ceramic surfaces. The process provides metal resistance to cavitation, abrasion to heat, wear, corrosion and erosion. There are other surface properties that are provided by thermal spraying. The properties include high or low friction, electric conductivity, sacrificial wear and chemical resistance. Thermal spraying is known for extending the lifespan of metals, engineering and re-engineering products.

Closing Remarks

High quality materials and repair worn out parts are a necessity for favourable industrial projects. A wide range of machinery and parts benefit from general engineering service. The processes also swerve the efficiency of machines to top performance. The best engineering services are good at satisfying the needs of a client, by providing high quality engineering.