Bearing Housings

Bearing Housings

Bearings are generally subjected to a lot of wear and tear in machines. Bearings are used to allow for freedom of movement in different machines. They are used in cranes, in conveyor belts, and in an extensive variety of other machines that require mobility. However, because bearings are so small, they can break easily.

As a result, they are usually encased in a housing to prevent them from serious damage. However, due to the excessive wear and tear, even the housings are likely to crack after a while. If you want the machines in your factory to continue running smoothly, you will need replacements.

Salient Features

One of the reasons why so many businesses prefer using our services for bearing housing replacement and fabrication is because we value quality above everything else. Before the fabrication process begins, we will carefully take measurements of the bearing housing in order to determine the size of the replacement needed. After careful measurements have been taken, we will fabricate the replacement using top quality materials. Our precision machining and engineering services come into play here, and we guarantee that the newly fabricated housings will fit perfectly into position.

Our Promise

It is our promise that our customers will get a highly tailored service. Rather than rushing into the fabrication process, we will pay attention to each and every minor detail to ensure that the new housings are just as resilient and durable as the other ones being used. We have the equipment needed to fabricate housings with extreme precision.

We can fabricate new bearing housings of various sizes for clients operating in many different industries. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, give us a call. We are always here to assist customers with any repairs or manufacturing services that are required for high-stress components in machines.